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--- Behold, the Oracle! A Bearer of Rich Tones! ---

Introducing a brand new version of the Oracle - a single channel, vacuum tube pre-amplifier inspired by the iconic Portaflex Bass amps of the 1960's. The buffered 1/4" output provides ample gain to feed a modern power amp or the line input of your recording interface. For use as an effect pedal, simply turn down the Master control (all knobs at noon is unity gain). The DI output features a high quality output transformer, with Mu Metal shielding for ultra quiet operation.

The heart of the Oracle is a single 12AX7 tube, selected for low noise and good tone, and fed by a 300VDC power supply.


IN: 1/4" TS, Input Impedance = 1 Meg ohm

GAIN: Up to +32dB at flat EQ settings.

TREBLE, BASS controls use a James Tonestack to provide a wide adjustment range with minimal interaction

RANGE control sweeps tonestack "midpoint" anywhere between 150Hz and 1KHz

HI: Gentle rise from 500Hz to 2kHz, at lower Gain settings

MID: +3dB boost at 250Hz

LO: +6dB boost at 80Hz

HPF: High Pass Filter -6dB/Octave at 90Hz

MASTER: Dial back while boosting gain for more distortion

OUT: 1/4" TS, output impedance = 150 ohm

DI: XLR with Ground Lift (up is lifted). -12dB relative to Out jack.

Powder-coated aluminum chassis. 4.75" x 4.75" x 2.32". Weight = 1 lb, 8 oz

Power supply included for North American Customers. International customers must provide their own 9VDC Center Negative supply rated at 1500mA (1.5A) minimum.

$750 + shipping.

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