Frequently Asked Questions:

Arkham Info:

What does your name mean?

It's taken from the fictitional New England town featured in HP Lovecraft's stories.

Do you have any videos or soundclips available?

Work in progress!

What is the lead time for a preamp?

Each preamp is built to order, and takes from 3 to 5 weeks.

How do I order?

Contact me via email, and I'll send over a Paypal invoice.

What is your Warranty?

Two years parts/labor. NOS tubes warranted for 90 days.

As for workmanship, I stand behind it for life. If there's ever a problem, you won't be left hanging.



Are there any sonic differences between your preamps?

Nope, the core circuits and components are identical. The Zephyr has many more features and tonal options, the Bullet is a no-frills preamp. Abyss falls in the middle.

Are NOS tubes worth the extra cost? Do they sound better?

Changes in tone are very subtle and 100% subjective. I prefer old production for their durability.

How do you test your tubes?

Mutual Conductance, shorts, emission, and life tests are done on either a Military TV-7D/U or a B&K 747b. Tubes are then screened for noise and microphonics.

How does the "James" tonestack work?

Please see THE JAMES TONESTACK for more info.

Can you build something with an active Mid-control?

It's possible, but a custom wound inductor similar to what Ampeg or Sunn used is fairly expensive. There are solid state alternatives, but I prefer to work with components that mount well on a turret board rather than a PCB.

I noticed you are using Mosfets now, what's up with that?

I've begun using Mosfets as an output buffer rather than a tube Cathode Follower. In this application they are far more efficient, functionally identical, and have zero impact on the tone.

What happened to the Octling?

The Octling was a single channel 6SL7 Bass preamp I offered for a few years. It was a cool design, but required custom fabrication that became cost prohibitive. It has been replaced by The Bullet.